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  • org.apache.ldap.server.db.jdbm.JdbmDatabase
    A Database implementation based on JDBM B+Tree implementation. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.apache.ldap.server.jndi.DeadContext
    A do nothing placeholder context whose methods throw ConfigurationExceptions. The provider returns these context when the shutdown environment property key is set. By returning a non-null Context we prevent an unnecessary exception being thrown by InitialConext and any one of its subclasses. @au ...
  • org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext
    This class provides the jnp provider Context implementation. It is a Context interface wrapper for a RMI Naming instance that is obtained from either the local server instance or by locating the server given by the Context.PROVIDER_URL value. This class also serves as the jnp url resolution conte ...
    The Base LDAP Object extending DirContext. @author <a HREF="">Ender Kilicoglu</a> @author <a HREF="">David Sean Taylor</a> @author <a HREF="">Sami Leino</a> @version $Id: BaseLDAP ...
  • org.apache.naming.resources.BaseDirContext
    Directory Context implementation helper class. @author Remy Maucherat @version $Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2004/06/23 16:59:42 $
  • com.caucho.naming.ContextImpl
    Resin's implementation of the JNDI <code>Context</code>. The actual storage of the persistent data is in the <code>AbstractModel</code>. <p>The <code>ContextImpl</code> is just a Visitor around the <code>AbstractModel</code> which also encaps ...
  • org.objectweb.carol.jndi.registry.RegistryWrapperContext
    Wrapper on a Registry object and implementing Context @author Guillaume Riviere @author Florent Benoit (Refactoring)
  • org.apache.naming.NamingContext
    Catalina JNDI Context implementation. @author Remy Maucherat @version $Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2004/08/29 16:46:15 $
  • org.objectweb.carol.cmi.jndi.FlatCtx
    A sample service provider that implements a flat namespace in memory.
  • org.apache.ldap.server.db.jdbm.JdbmTable
    A jdbm Btree wrapper that enables duplicate sorted keys using collections. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
    A read-only Context in the java: namespace. <p> This version assumes it and all its subcontext are read-only and any attempt to modify (e.g. through bind) will result in an OperationNotSupportedException. Each Context in the tree builds a cache of the entries in all sub-contexts to optimise ...
    Implementation of Context interface for EJB Environment. Must handle subContexts (because of jndi/, ejb/, ...) @author Philippe Durieux @author Philippe Coq monolog @author Florent Benoit handle Reference object for the lookup.
  • org.objectweb.perseus.jndi.ContextImpl
  • org.objectweb.carol.jndi.spi.AbsContext
    This abstract class define the common methods used for all existing protocol implementation of their SPI context. When integrating a new protocol, define a new SPI class extending this one. You only have to focus on specific implementation and let in major case all default implementation. @author ...
  • org.jboss.jms.p2p.naming.ContextImpl
    Simple {@link Context} implementation to enable using Pure P2P JMS/JBoss in a vendor neutral way. This uses {@link DistributedTree} to create a single namespace shared by all Pure P2P JMS JBoss clients defined in the same group. This is a minimal implementation only built to support the very bas ...
    Context implementation for the "scn:comp" namespace. Package must be named .../scn (See Initial Context) Most operations consist of retrieving the actual CompNamingContext and sending it the operation for processing.
  • org.apache.ldap.server.jndi.ServerContext
    A non-federated abstract Context implementation. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.apache.ldap.server.jndi.ServerDirContext
    The DirContext implementation for the Server Side JNDI LDAP provider. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.objectweb.speedo.runtime.basic.SpeedoInitialNamingFactory
    @author S.Chassande-Barrioz
  • hivemind.test.lib.impl.FakeContext
  • org.apache.naming.SynchronizedContext
    Synchronized JNDI context implementation. Wraps a Context instance, synchronizing access to JNDI methods.
  • gcc.naming.InitialContext
  • org.apache.avalon.excalibur.naming.AbstractLocalContext
    Abstract local JNDI Context that can be inherited from to provide a particular type of Context. These contexts are assumed to be on the same machine. @author <a HREF="">Peter Donald</a> @version $Revision: 1.7 $
    An abstract implementation of DirContext that simply takes every DirContext
  • org.apache.ldap.server.db.Index
    Required interfaces for an index. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
    The <code>SoapExt_NamingContextImpl</code> class is an extended <code>NamingContextImpl</code> calling a JNDI SOAP service's methods rather than using a TCP connection for interacting with the JNDI server.
  • org.jboss.test.web.servlets.ENCServlet
    Tests of the server ENC naming context @author @version $Revision: $
  • org.apache.catalina.core.NamingContextListener
    Helper class used to initialize and populate the JNDI context associated with each context and server. @author Remy Maucherat @version $Revision: 1.11 $ $Date: 2004/12/15 12:01:27 $
  • org.apache.ldap.server.db.Table
    A backend friendly wrapper around a JDBM BTree that transparent enables duplicates when the BTree does not support them. TODO Need to rewrite the Javadocs in this interface. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.apache.ldap.server.normalization.NormalizationService
    A name normalization service. This service makes sure all relative and distinuished names are normalized before calls are made against the respective interface methods on the root nexus. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev$
  • org.apache.ldap.server.interceptor.BaseInterceptor
    A easy-to-use implementation of {@link Interceptor} that demultiplexes invocations using method signature overloading. <p/> This {@link Interceptor} forwards received process requests to an appropriate <code>process(NextInterceptor, <em>ConcreteInvocation</em>)</code> ...
  • org.apache.ldap.server.AbstractContextPartition
    An Abstract BackingStore using a formal database and a search engine. All the common code between a SystemBackingStore and a DefaultBackingStore will be added to this super class. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.apache.naming.ContextBindings
    Handles the associations : <ul> <li>Catalina context name with the NamingContext</li> <li>Calling thread with the NamingContext</li> </ul> @author Remy Maucherat @version $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2004/02/27 14:58:53 $
  • org.objectweb.jonas.container.EJBServiceImpl
    Implementation of the EJB Container Service for jonas. This class works only with jonas_ejb classes. @author Philippe Coq @author Jeff Mesnil (Security) @author Markus Karg (Novell port) @author Christophe Ney (for making easier Enhydra integration) @author Adriana Danes (complete management metho ...
  • hero.session.BnLdapBean
    @ejb:bean name="BnLdap" display-name="BnLdap Bean" type="Stateless" transaction-type="Container" jndi-name="ejb/hero/BnLdap" local-jndi-name="ejb/hero/BnLdap_L" @ejb:ejb-ref ejb-name="BnLdap" ref-name="myhero/BnLdap" @ejb.ejb-external-ref view-type="remote" ref-name="ejb/mgmt/MEJB" type="Session ...
  • org.apache.ldap.server.schema.bootstrap.AbstractBootstrapProducer
    An abstract producer implementation. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.apache.naming.core.BaseNaming
    Based on a merge of various catalina naming contexts Name is used - it provide better oportunities for reuse and optimizations This is the base class for our naming operations, for easy reading. <p>Creating a new context: <ul> <li>Create a new class, extending BaseContext or Bas ...
  • org.apache.ldap.server.schema.GlobalNameFormRegistry
    A plain old java object implementation of an NameFormRegistry. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
    LDAP user. @version $Id: 190937 2005-06-16 15:44:10Z jwkaltz $
  • org.apache.ldap.server.authz.AuthorizationServiceTest
    Tests the Authorization service to make sure it is enforcing policies correctly. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • org.jboss.jaxr.juddi.JUDDIService
    A JBoss MBean for the JUDDI Service MBean for the JUDDI open source project integrated as part of the JAXR requirements for J2EE 1.4 compliance @author <>Anil Saldhana extends="org.jboss.system.ServiceMBean" @since Nov 8, 2004
  • org.springframework.remoting.rmi.JndiRmiClientInterceptor
    Interceptor for accessing RMI services from JNDI. Typically used for RMI-IIOP (CORBA), but can also be used for EJB home objects (for example, a Stateful Session Bean home). In contrast to a plain JNDI lookup, this accessor also performs narrowing through PortableRemoteObject. <p>With conve ...
  • org.apache.ldap.server.db.SubstringEnumerator
    Enumerator that creates a NamingEnumeration over the set of candidates that satisfy a substring filter expression. @author <a HREF="">Apache Directory Project</a> @version $Rev: 169198 $
  • com.opensymphony.workflow.ejb.EJBWorkflow
    EJB based workflow class. This class acts as a wrapper around a workflow session bean. @author plightbo @version $Revision: 1.12 $
  • org.objectweb.jonas.applications.util.JApplicationsTestCase
    Define a class to add useful methods for test the examples - Deploy ear, war and beans - Retrieve initial context @author Florent Benoit
  • org.apache.avalon.excalibur.naming.Namespace
    Interface representing Namespace/NamingSystem. Associated with each namespace is a name parser, object factories and state factories. @author <a HREF="">Peter Donald</a> @version $Revision: 1.4 $
  • org.objectweb.joram.client.jms.local.XALocalConnectionFactory
    An <code>XALocalConnectionFactory</code> instance is a factory of local connections dedicated to XA communication.
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