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  • org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.DefaultGroovyMethods
    This class defines all the new groovy methods which appear on normal JDK classes inside the Groovy environment. Static methods are used with the first parameter the destination class. @author <a HREF="">James Strachan</a> @author Jeremy Rayner @author Sa ...
    General IO Stream manipulation. <p> This class provides static utility methods for input/output operations, particularly buffered copying between sources (<code>InputStream</code>, <code>Reader</code>, <code>String</code> and <code>byte[]</code> ...
  • org.jdesktop.jdic.packager.impl.PkgPackageGenerator
    Concrete implementation of interface PackageGenerator for pkg packages generating on Solaris. <pre> The steps to create installable packages are briefly as below: 1. Create "pkginfo" file at the location for the package information files. 2. Create "copyright" file at the location for the pa ...
    This class also encapsulates methods which allow Files to be referred to using abstract path names which are translated to native system file paths at runtime as well as copying files or setting their last modification time.
  • org.jdesktop.jdic.filetypes.internal.GnomeAppAssociationWriter
    Concrete implementation of the AppAssociationWriter class for Gnome.
  • org.objectweb.jac.util.preparse.Preparse
    <p><code>BeanWriter</code> outputs beans as XML to an io stream.</p> <p>The output for each bean is an xml fragment (rather than a well-formed xml-document). This allows bean representations to be appended to a document by writing each in turn to the stream. So to cre ...
  • org.objectweb.jonas.ant.jonasbase.Replace
    Replaces all occurrences of one or more string tokens with given values in the indicated files. Each value can be either a string or the value of a property available in a designated property file. If you want to replace a text that crosses line boundaries, you must use a nested <code>&l ...
  • org.jfree.xml.generator.DescriptionGenerator
    A utility application for generating class descriptions.
    Class that handles clients for QuickServer. <p> This class is used by {@link QuickServer} to handle each new client connected. This class is responsible to handle client sockets. It can operate in both blocking mode and non-blocking mode (java nio).</p> @author Akshathkumar Shetty @aut ...
  • jxl.demo.Demo
    The main demo class which interprets the command line switches in order to determine how to call the demo programs The demo program uses stdout as its default output stream
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