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java.text packages
java.text classes
Annotation AttributedCharacterIterator
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute AttributedString
Bidi BreakIterator (1)
CharacterIterator ChoiceFormat
CollationElementIterator CollationKey
Collator DateFormat (12)
DateFormat.Field DateFormatSymbols
DecimalFormat (6) DecimalFormatSymbols (1)
FieldPosition Format (1)
Format.Field MessageFormat (1)
MessageFormat.Field NumberFormat (5)
NumberFormat.Field ParseException
ParsePosition RuleBasedCollator
SimpleDateFormat (9) StringCharacterIterator (1)
java.text examples
Break string into sentences 2003-06-16Convert String to Date object 2005-01-31
converting 1000 to 1,000 2006-04-02Converting date to sql date 2004-08-21
Different formats of decimal number 2005-03-08Do not call the DecimalFormat constructor directly 2005-03-08
Find difference in days between two dates 2005-08-05Format a date and get year, month, day part of a date 2005-03-09
Format a date to yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss.SSS 2005-08-02Format a date to yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss 2004-01-20
Format a double in a nice percent format 2004-05-20Format a number in percentage 2004-11-15
Format big decimal 2005-09-06Format calendar 2004-03-17
Format currency in specific locale 2005-09-06Format date time string 2004-03-17
Format decimal number 2005-05-12Getting the Simple Date Formatter to display a time in another timezone 2004-09-20
Iterating a string 2002-10-15MessageFormat 2004-08-24
Parse and format a date 2005-08-02Parse date string with timezone 2005-07-03
Parse MySQL timestamps 2004-03-17Pay attention to the pattern, MM is different from mm 2004-03-17
Print currency in a locale-specific format 2005-07-08Print date 2005-07-03
Representation of a number in a currency format 2004-03-27Returns a util date from the date string passed, based on the format string 2005-02-09
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