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  • JavaMailServlet
    This is a servlet that demonstrates the use of JavaMail APIs in a 3-tier application. It allows the user to login to an IMAP store, list all the messages in the INBOX folder, view selected messages, compose and send a message, and logout. <p> Please note: This is NOT an example of how to wri ...
  • populate
    Copy folder hierarchies between different Stores. This is a useful utility to populate new (and possibly empty) mail stores. Specify both the source and destination folders as URLs. @author John Mani
  • org.apache.cocoon.mail.MailAction
    This action creates javamail objects, and puts XMLizable object wrappers of these objects into the request attribute map. <p> This action enables javamail access as action. It creates an http sesion, and puts the MailContext object into the session attributes. </p> @see MailContext @ ...
  • org.apache.geronimo.mail.NullTransport
    @version $Rev$ $Date$
  • org.apache.james.transport.mailets.RemoteDelivery
    Receives a MessageContainer from JamesSpoolManager and takes care of delivery the message to remote hosts. If for some reason mail can't be delivered store it in the "outgoing" Repository and set an Alarm. After the next "delayTime" the Alarm will wake the servlet that will try to send it again. A ...
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