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  • org.jboss.jms.client.JBossConnectionFactory
    A connection factory @author <a HREF=">Adrian Brock</a> @version $Revision: 1.1 $
  • org.objectweb.joram.client.connector.ManagedConnectionImpl
    A <code>ManagedConnectionImpl</code> instance wraps a physical connection to an underlying JORAM server, and provides "handles" for handling this physical connection.
  • org.jboss.jms.asf.StdServerSessionPool
    Implementation of ServerSessionPool. <p> Created: Thu Dec 7 17:02:03 2000 @author <a HREF="">Peter Antman</a> . @author <a HREF="">Hiram Chirino</a> . @version $Revision: $
  • org.objectweb.jonas_ejb.container.JMdbFactory
    This class is a factory for a Message Driven Bean There is one such class per MDB class. Contains all information related to the bean and set up all JMS environment for the bean It manages a ServerSession pool to server MDB requests. @author Philippe Coq, Philippe Durieux
  • org.objectweb.joram.client.connector.OutboundTopicConnection
    An <code>OutboundTopicConnection</code> instance is a handler for a physical PubSub connection to an underlying JORAM server, allowing a component to transparently use this physical connection possibly within a transaction (local or global).
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