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  • org.apache.log4j.gui.TextPaneAppender
    <b>Experimental</b> TextPaneAppender. <br> Created: Sat Feb 26 18:50:27 2000 <br> @author Sven Reimers
  • org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.html.parsers.swing.SwingParser
    Interface to the Swing HTML parser. This attempts to correct problem with using the SWING HTML 3.2 parser to parse HTML 4.0 constructs and well as general bugginess in the Swing parser. <P> The known Swing problems are: <UL> <LI> Swing 1.1 didn't allow LINK elements in the heade ...
  • org.apache.jetspeed.util.HTMLRewriter
    @author Ingo Rammer ( @author <a HREF="">Santiago Gala</a> @author <a HREF="">Paul Spencer</a> @version 0.2
  • org.apache.lenya.lucene.parser.SwingHTMLHandler
    <p>Basic implementation of a link checker for the JaxMe HTML distribution.</p> @author <a HREF="">Jochen Wiedmann</a>
  • org.apache.lenya.util.HTMLHandler
  • org.jdesktop.swing.JXEditorPane
    An extended editor pane which has the following features built in: <ul> <li>Text search <li>undo/redo <li>simple html/plain text editing </ul> @author Mark Davidson
  • TextEditor
    This applet class is used as a <b>text editor</b> that can return a <b>String</b> that represent a content of applet and is already formatted as a XSL:FO file. That String can be transformed into PDF file, which is achived by the use of FOP (FOP is Java application that read ...
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