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  • org.openlaszlo.compiler.SWFWriter
    Accumulates code, XML, and assets to a SWF object file. Once there's a second target, the methods here can be lifted into an API that SWFWriter implements. Rationale for not doing this now: It's easier to generalize from more than one instance, and having to change signatures twice for every refa ...
  • com.jcorporate.expresso.ext.controller.ServeTextFile
    This controller is used to serve up text files. It helps provide a particularly useful mechanism for tutorial purposes. <p><b>PLEASE NOTE!</b>: It is DEFINITELY not recommended that this controller should be opened up to anybody but the Administrator in a production environment! ...
  • nu.xom.tests.BuilderTest
    <p> Tests building documents from streams, strings, files, and other input sources. </p> @author Elliotte Rusty Harold @version 1.0
  • org.eclipse.osgi.framework.util.SecureAction
    Utility class to execute common privileged code. @since 3.1
  • mime.MimeTest
    Junit test for Mime attachments There should be tests here for... DataHandler, DataSource and other datatypes (not sure of the list) Sync and async rpc-style and doc-style Other mime types Axis and Soap 2.3 Soap Http and Jms Does this function make sense for NativeJms, Java, EJB, etc? Sending att ...
  • org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.parser.ScannerHelper
  • org.apache.lenya.lucene.ReTokenizeFile
  • de.jwi.jgallery.Image
    @author Jürgen Weber Source file created on 22.02.2004
  • org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl.DefaultEventRegistryImpl
    This implementation of <code>EventRegistry</code> handles persistence by serializing an <code>EventRegistryDataWrapper</code> to disk. @since 2.1 @author <a HREF="">Geoff Howard</a> @version CVS $Id: 55504 ...
  • org.apache.lenya.xml.XPointerFactory
  • org.objectweb.jac.util.WrapLib
    This class generates the <code>jac.lib</code> delegators source-files from the <code>jac.prop</code> file found in the current directory (exclude all other options). @author Renaud Pawlak
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