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  • org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext
    This class provides the jnp provider Context implementation. It is a Context interface wrapper for a RMI Naming instance that is obtained from either the local server instance or by locating the server given by the Context.PROVIDER_URL value. This class also serves as the jnp url resolution conte ...
  • com.sslexplorer.boot.CustomSocketFactory
  • org.objectweb.joram.client.jms.tcp.ReliableSSLTcpClient
    The JVM implementation of the ServerIL object @author <a HREF="">Hiram Chirino</a> @version $Revision: $ @created August 16, 2001
  • org.continuent.sequoia.driver.Driver
    Sequoia Driver for client side. This driver is a generic driver that is designed to replace any specific JDBC driver that could be used by a client. The client only has to know the node where the Sequoia controller is running and the database he wants to access (the RDBMS could be PostgreSQL, Orac ...
  • A factory class for SSL sockets and server sockets. Created: Tue Sep 28 10:57:26 2004 @author Uri Schneider @version 1.0
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