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  • org.eclipse.ui.views.markers.internal.ConcreteMarker
    This is a concrete class that stores the same type of information as the IMarkers used by the IDE. This class exists as an optimization. The various get* methods on IMarker are extremely slow, which makes it very slow to sort markers (for example, in the problems view). This marker class stores th ...
  • org.apache.xalan.transformer.NodeSorter
    This class can sort vectors of DOM nodes according to a select pattern. @xsl.usage internal
    Sort Base sorting helper supports locale specific case sensitive, case in-sensitive and numeric data sorting. @author Kevin Roast
  • net.sf.saxon.sort.AtomicSortComparer
    A Comparator used for comparing atomic values of arbitrary item types. It encapsulates a Collator that is used when the values to be compared are strings. It also supports a separate method for testing equality of items, which can be used for data types that are not ordered. The AtomicSortCompare ...
  • org.apache.xml.utils.StringComparable
    International friendly string comparison with case-order @author Igor Hersht,
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