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  • testsuite.regression.DataSourceRegressionTest
    Tests fixes for bugs related to datasources. @author Mark Matthews @version $Id:,v 2005/05/13 18:58:38 mmatthews Exp $
  • org.apache.commons.dbcp.datasources.InstanceKeyDataSource
    <p>The base class for <code>SharedPoolDataSource</code> and <code>PerUserPoolDataSource</code>. Many of the configuration properties are shared and defined here. This class is declared public in order to allow particular usage with commons-beanutils; do not make dir ...
  • org.objectstyle.cayenne.conn.PoolManager
    PoolManager is a pooling DataSource impementation. Internally to obtain connections PoolManager uses either a JDBC driver or another pooling datasource. <p>TODO: create a low priority thread that will do pool maintenance.</p> @author Andrei Adamchik
  • org.apache.commons.dbcp.datasources.CPDSConnectionFactory
    A {@link PoolableObjectFactory} that creates {@link PoolableConnection}s. @author John D. McNally @version $Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2004/02/28 12:18:17 $ Create a new <tt>PoolableConnectionFactory</tt>. @param cpds the ConnectionPoolDataSource from which to obtain PooledConnection's ...
  • org.apache.torque.dsfactory.PerUserPoolDataSourceFactory
    A factory that looks up the DataSource using the JDBC2 pool methods. @author <a HREF="">John McNally</a> @author <a HREF="">Henning P. Schmiedehausen</a> @version $Id:,v 1.4 2005/07/02 07:22 ...
  • com.ziclix.python.sql.connect.Connectx
    Connect using through a javax.sql.DataSource or javax.sql.ConnectionPooledDataSource. @author brian zimmer @author last revised by $Author: bzimmer $ @version $Revision: 1.4 $
  • com.caucho.db.jdbc.ConnectionPoolDataSourceImpl
    Driver for the internal database.
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