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java.lang packages
annotation (2) instrument management ref (2)
reflect (11)
java.lang classes
AbstractMethodError Appendable
ArithmeticException ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (1)
ArrayStoreException AssertionError (2)
Boolean (4) Byte (3)
Character (4) Character.Subset
Character.UnicodeBlock CharSequence (1)
Class (10) ClassCastException (1)
ClassCircularityError ClassFormatError
ClassLoader (10) ClassNotFoundException (1)
Cloneable CloneNotSupportedException (1)
Comparable (3) Compiler
Deprecated Double (11)
Enum (1) EnumConstantNotPresentException
Error Exception (1)
ExceptionInInitializerError (1) Float (16)
IllegalAccessError IllegalAccessException (1)
IllegalArgumentException IllegalMonitorStateException (2)
IllegalStateException IllegalThreadStateException
IncompatibleClassChangeError IndexOutOfBoundsException
InheritableThreadLocal InstantiationError
InstantiationException (1) Integer (22)
InternalError InterruptedException
Iterable (1) LinkageError
Long (2) Math (6)
NegativeArraySizeException NoClassDefFoundError (1)
NoSuchFieldError NoSuchFieldException
NoSuchMethodError NoSuchMethodException
NullPointerException (3) Number (2)
NumberFormatException (1) Object (12)
OutOfMemoryError (1) Override
Package (1) Process (4)
ProcessBuilder (1) Readable
Runnable (5) Runtime (15)
RuntimeException RuntimePermission
SecurityException SecurityManager
Short (1) StackOverflowError (1)
StackTraceElement (1) StrictMath
String (52) StringBuffer (13)
StringBuilder (2) StringIndexOutOfBoundsException (2)
SuppressWarnings System (14)
Thread (12) Thread.State
Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler ThreadDeath
ThreadGroup ThreadLocal (1)
Throwable (7) TypeNotPresentException
UnknownError UnsatisfiedLinkError
UnsupportedClassVersionError (1) UnsupportedOperationException
VerifyError (1) VirtualMachineError
java.lang examples
A more elegant solution for locking performance 2003-03-14A more flexible way of implementing GOF factory pattern 2005-08-04
A to Z char representation in the specified radix 2005-06-24Additional debugging output 2006-08-06
Adds char into a string 2004-11-30Alternative way to load class 2005-03-15
An interesting thing about String.split() 2005-10-05Appending StringBuffer 2003-10-09
ArithmeticException 2002-07-31Assertion Examples 2004-09-20
avoid constructor 2004-03-05Better to use the classloader associated with the current thread 2004-02-15
Better way to load class 2005-03-15Binary, octal, hex to decimal 2004-10-02
Building a string 2005-06-23byte to hex 2004-10-02
byteValue of 250 is -6 2004-10-02c = a ^ b 2003-10-12
Calculating Memory Used by Objects 2005-02-16Can not load application level classes from the system classloader 2005-03-21
Case-insensitive implementation of indexOf 2005-02-11casting primitives to String 2005-02-13
Catch ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 2004-11-29Catch RuntimeException 2003-05-17
Chained exception 2005-02-28Chained exceptions 2003-05-17
Change case 2005-01-14Char array and string 2003-03-26
Char array to string 2003-11-16Char to string 2005-07-01
Character comparation 2006-02-01Check double max value 2004-10-03
Check double min value 2004-10-03Check max memory 2003-10-30
check the value of the textbox 2002-08-07Class getField 2003-01-06
Class without instances 2003-07-22Combine string 2004-10-13
Comparation without regard to the character cases 2005-04-05compareTo Function 2006-02-01
Compatibility issue with loadClass 2004-10-01Convert an integer to binary 2004-12-01
Convert arraylist to String 2005-05-31Convert double to a float 2004-10-03
Convert double to string 2004-10-03convert float to int 2006-10-22
Convert float to string 2004-10-03Convert integer to double 2004-10-02
Convert integet to float 2004-10-02Convert long to byte 2005-04-13
convert lower case letter in the string to upper case letter 2006-05-30Convert string to a float 2004-10-03
Convert string to double 2005-04-09Convert string to long 2003-11-14
convert the String to ahexadecimal 2004-05-20Copy Byte Array 2005-07-27
Creat Number array 2003-12-25Create new Boolean 2004-03-05
Cure for Winsock errors in child process 2006-08-23DecimalFormat 2006-05-04
Default timeouts properties in JDK 1.4 2003-10-27Define enum and print its values 2005-08-12
Determine the names of the files in a directory associated with a class 2005-05-04Difference between notify() and notifyAll() 2005-05-19
Difference between sleep and wait 2005-09-22Direct console messages to a file 2005-09-22
Direct error messages to a file 2005-09-22Displaying stack trace in any part of the codes 2005-03-23
dontRepeat 2004-04-08double 2005-07-31
Double comparison 2004-10-03ExceptionInInitializerError() 2006-03-20
Execute a commad and get the return value 2004-01-29Execute a Windows system command 2006-08-23
Execute Execute VB Script 2006-08-23Execute external program with arguments 2006-08-23
Execute Ping and display its results 2005-03-29Find possible class names 2005-08-25
Fine-grained locking 2003-03-14Float operation 2004-10-03
function to exit program, in case of an error: 2006-08-06Get a specific character from a string 2005-06-23
Get each byte of a string 2005-05-24Get filename ext 2004-12-08
Get Float max value 2004-10-03Get Float min value 2004-10-03
Get number of available processors 2004-09-06Get system property 2003-10-27
Get the unrounded decimal portion 2004-05-05getChars 2006-03-10
getDeclaringClass V. getEnclosingClass 2005-01-06getR3CharacteristicValue 2005-09-23
GOF:implement the Singleton pattern 2005-03-07Growing stringbuffer 2003-10-29
How can you pass data between two threads? 2006-05-04How many ways can we create an Object? 2006-05-04
If we can not calculate an average we will return zero 2002-08-07Illegal monitorStateExcepiton in the wait 2004-12-20
Implement Comparable using template 2005-05-19Implement grep 2004-10-04
Implementation of equals for Collections and Objects arrays. 2003-09-09Initializing double variable 2004-09-27
Inner class 2005-07-17Insert into a StringBuffer 2003-10-10
Insert with Boolean 2004-11-20Integer comparison 2004-10-02
Integer max value 2004-10-02Integer Min value 2004-10-02
Integer to binary, octal, hex 2004-10-02Integer to Hex 2004-10-02
Integer to Octal 2004-10-02Invoke a method on the Object class 2003-07-22
It is always better to implement a Runnable than to extend a Thread 2005-03-07Java runtime classes loading order 2006-06-02
java.lang.byte 2002-09-05Joining two threads 2005-08-02
Launch a Unix script 2004-05-10Lets use StringBuffer 2003-10-09
Load resource from CLASSPATH 2004-08-12Load resource from context 2005-03-21
Look for the constructor that has one String parameter 2005-02-22Looks up a boolean system property 2006-10-05
Make sure the same classloader loads your singletons 2004-11-05Manually displaying the stack trace 2003-05-17
MathAbs 2002-09-05Merge two strings 2005-04-04
Multithreading synchronization 2005-11-04New way to implement Comparable 2004-09-17
NullPointerException 2006-06-12NullPointerException when converting float 2004-02-08
Object cloning exception 2005-09-09Old way to implement Comparable 2004-09-17
Open a PDF file in Windows and Mac 2006-08-23Parse a string to a float 2003-10-11
parseInt actually throws 2 exceptions 2004-09-16Pass data between proess 2004-09-27
Passing correct parameter data type 2005-08-23Print Byte value 2002-09-05
Print ByteCode 2004-05-14Process DB records 2005-03-15
Purpose of garbage collection 2005-09-22Read a file into a stringbuffer 2005-08-08
read a line from STDIN ( 2005-04-25Read input from keyboard 2005-04-25
Reading System Properties to a file 2006-02-06regex expression in String.Split 2005-10-05
Remove a specific character from a stringbuffer 2003-10-07Removing Comma from a String using substring 2003-07-04
Replace all occurrences of a word 2004-11-18Replaces ALL occurrences of a char 2003-12-02
Return the character to specific index 2005-06-23Reusing iterables 2006-01-11
Reverse a String 2004-11-20Round a double 2004-05-05
Run any program using the Windows file association mechanism 2006-08-23Run Microsoft Excel 2004-01-29
Runnable example 2005-03-07Search and replace 2003-08-20
Send mail from shell 2004-05-10Servlet that reads DB and parse XML 2004-12-20
Set a starting directory for executing an external program 2006-08-23ShutdownHook example 2004-03-09
Simiple checksum generator 2005-11-04Splitting String 2005-10-05
sprintf in Java 2006-08-06StackOverflowError 2005-04-22
Standard classloaders uses single namespace to load classes 2006-06-02Start a Dial-up connection on the Win plateform 2006-08-23
Static initializer for any class that requires an assertion 2002-12-18String and StringBuffer 2005-04-18
String endsWith 2004-12-07String equals 2005-05-13
String equalsIgnoreCase 2003-07-22String length 2003-12-19
String startsWith 2003-12-19String to char array 2004-10-19
StringBuffer insert and append 2005-04-15StringBuffer length test 2004-11-20
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException 2004-02-11Sub string 2003-07-04
Sync block 2003-11-04Synchronized between two different methods 2004-09-20
Temprature 2005-12-20Test ability to convert String to HEX 2005-06-23
Test runnable 2005-08-02Test thread yield 2005-08-02
Testing toString 2004-05-17The person that let this method be called this way should be fired! 2006-10-05
This example shows that a lock on an object also locks all access to the object via synchronized methods 2002-10-17Thread interuption 2005-08-02
Timing 2005-05-24To know if a String is part of another String using region match 2005-02-04
Trim string 2004-12-14Two equals objects have matching hashCode()s as well 2003-09-09
Two ways to opening a file from the class path 2004-10-01Unable to connect to the database 2004-09-20
Upcast to Object 2005-04-28upper case conversion 2006-05-30
Use assertions to detect predictable, but undesirable, results 2002-12-18Use different versions of the same library at any given time 2006-06-02
Use getChars() to copy from one string to another string 2004-12-07Use of Radix for IP address 2006-09-13
Use reflection to instantiate singletons 2004-11-05videoinfo 2005-09-26
wait() methode need a synchronized block 2005-05-19What is the value of 64 >>> 32? 2005-08-20
When use String as a synchronized object 2004-07-20Why is a getLocalizedMessage introduced and not a getNativeMessage? 2005-03-03
Word list 2005-08-01Workaround for thread class loader problem 2004-07-21
Write the stack trace to the string 2005-05-13
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