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We do NOT use pop-up window for advertisement. We had to use it to link to some sites, because those sites require to be displayed in its own window. For your best viewing experience, you should temporarily disable those pop-up blocking software.

   Top - The A-Z API index is listed in the top frame.
   Left - The APIs for the selected index are listed in alphabetical order in the left frame.
   Right - The whole class that the selected API belongs to is listed in the right frame, the current class name is displayed in the title bar.

Links for each API
   Description - This site puts all the Java APIs from J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, Java TV, Java Phone, and Java Card under one roof, you can browse all of them in one place by API, class, and package. The 'Description' link under each API will take you to Sun's Java documentation for that API in a separate pop-up window.
   Add - Add your code snippet or note for the current API in a separate pop-up window. You may choose to enter your email address or URL along with your codes, so that other people might contact you directly if they like your codes or have questions about your codes.
   Rate - Rate the current code snippet on 1 to 5 scales.

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