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  • com.lutris.mime.MimeHeader
    Represents a generic parsed Mime header. Specific header types, such as <code>Content-Type</code> are represented by classes derived from this header. The constructor for this class parses only parameters according to the rules specified in RFC2045 Section 5.1 Page 11. It is left to ...
    DotTerminatedMessageReader is a class used to read messages from a server that are terminated by a single dot followed by a &lt;CR&gt;&lt;LF&gt; sequence and with double dots appearing at the begining of lines which do not signal end of message yet start with a dot. Various Intern ...
    A FilterReader that understands the docbook entities and converts them to their character codes. This class is not threadsafe within a single instance and care should be taken. @author David Lloyd
  • org.objectweb.jac.util.PushbackReader
    A PushbackReader which keeps track of the position in the stream @see #getPosition()
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