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  • com.sleepycat.bind.serial.StoredClassCatalog
    A <code>ClassCatalog</code> that is stored in a <code>Database</code>. <p>A single <code>StoredClassCatalog</code> object is normally used along with a set of databases that stored serialized objects.</p> @author Mark Hayes
  • org.jboss.invocation.pooled.interfaces.OptimizedObjectInputStream
    An ObjectInputStream subclass used by the MarshalledValue class to ensure the classes and proxies are loaded using the thread context class loader. @author @version $Revision: 1.2 $
  • org.jgroups.conf.ClassConfigurator
    This class will be replaced with the class that read info from the magic number configurator that reads info from the xml file.<br> The name and the relative path of the magic number map file can be specified as value of the property <code>org.jgroups.conf.magicNumberFile</code>. ...
  • com.sleepycat.bind.serial.test.TestClassCatalog
    @author Mark Hayes
  • org.apache.geronimo.interop.rmi.iiop.ValueType
    A wrapper over java.lang.Class to help improve performance of using the Java reflection API for valuetype marshalling. We keep as much derived information as possible for optimal performance.
  • org.apache.geronimo.interop.rmi.iiop.GetField
    An implementation of Provide access to the persistent fields read from the input stream.
  • com.sleepycat.collections.test.serial.StoredClassCatalogTest
    Runs part two of the StoredClassCatalogTest. This part is run with the new/updated version of TestSerial in the classpath. It uses the environment and databases created by StoredClassCatalogTestInit. It verifies that it can read objects serialized using the old class format, and that it can cre ...
  • org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFObjectInputStream
    Class <code>FObjectInputStream</code> overloads the class <code>ObjectInputStream</code> to solve the bug reported under BugID <a HREF="">4171142</a> . <br> If an object contains primitiv d ...
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