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    The FileManager presents the abstraction of one contiguous file. It doles out LSNs.
  • org.objectweb.jonas_lib.files.FileUtils
    This class manages operation done many times by JOnAS on files, like copying them. @author Florent Benoit
  • org.apache.lenya.workflow.impl.History
    <p> The history of a workflow instance contains a list of all versions of the instance. A version contains </p> <ul> <li>the state,</li> <li>the event that caused the transition (omitted in the first version).</li> </ul>
    A utility which scans all java source files in the cvs tree and validates the license header prior to the package statement for headers that match those declared in thirdparty/licenses/thirdparty-licenses.xml @author @version $Revision: $
  • org.jacorb.test.common.TestAnnotationsParser
    Parses test annotations from javadoc comments in JUnit tests. A single instance of this class is created for each source file to be parsed. After the parsing is done, the instance is still kept around because it stores the annotations that were found in the file for access by other parts of the p ...
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