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  • org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter
    Outputs a JDOM document as a stream of bytes. The outputter can manage many styles of document formatting, from untouched to pretty printed. The default is to output the document content exactly as created, but this can be changed by setting a new Format object. For pretty-print output, use <co ...
    import; This abstract class is a base class for other stream serializers (xml, html, text ...) that write output to a stream. @author Santiago Pericas-Geertsen @author G. Todd Miller
  • org.apache.cocoon.xml.SaxBuffer
    A class that can record SAX events and replay them later. <p>Compared to {@link org.apache.cocoon.components.sax.XMLByteStreamCompiler}, this class is many times faster at sending out the recorded SAX events since it doesn't need to convert between byte and char representations etc. On the ...
  • org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.DefaultGroovyMethods
    This class defines all the new groovy methods which appear on normal JDK classes inside the Groovy environment. Static methods are used with the first parameter the destination class. @author <a HREF="">James Strachan</a> @author Jeremy Rayner @author Sa ...
  • org.codehaus.groovy.sandbox.markup.StreamingMarkupWriter
  • org.jfree.xml.generator.ModelWriter
    A model writer.
  • info.magnolia.cms.gui.dialog.DialogDialog
    @author Vinzenz Wyser @version 2.0
  • org.znerd.xmlenc.XMLEncoder
    Encodes character streams for an XML document. <p>The following encodings are supported: <ul> <li><code>UTF-8</code> <li><code>UTF-16</code> <li><code>US-ASCII</code>, with alias <code>ASCII</code> <li>all <co ...
    Implementation of a fast Writer. It was originally taken from JspWriter and modified to have less syncronization going on. @author <a HREF="">Jason van Zyl</a> @author <a HREF="">Jon S. Stevens</a> @author Anil K. Vijendran @ ...
  • org.jboss.xb.binding.ContentWriter
    org.xml.sax.ContentHandler implementation that serializes an instance of org.jboss.xml.binding.Content to a @author <a HREF="">Alexey Loubyansky</a> @version <tt>$Revision: $</tt>
    This target outputs to a writer. @author <a HREF="">Peter Donald</a>
  • org.infohazard.maverick.flow.LastStep
    Simple transformation step which dumps to the real output. There are NO subsequent steps! This is the end of the line. Logger.
    SMTPClient encapsulates all the functionality necessary to send files through an SMTP server. This class takes care of all low level details of interacting with an SMTP server and provides a convenient higher level interface. As with all classes derived from {@link ...
  • com.opensymphony.webwork.components.ClosingUIBean
    User: plightbo Date: Jul 18, 2005 Time: 7:55:59 PM
    This class acts as a base class for the XML "serializers" and the stream serializers. It contains a number of common fields and methods. @author Santiago Pericas-Geertsen @author G. Todd Miller
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