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  • info.magnolia.cms.i18n.ContextMessages
    @author philipp bracher This calss is doing the same thing as javax.servlet.jsp.jastl.fmt.LocalSupport. LocalSupport is using the PageContext which is not avaiable in Servlets, but the most classes do know the request-object and can deliver it to this class. With this class you get the string stri ...
  • org.apache.xml.res.XMLMessages
    A utility class for issuing XML error messages. @xsl.usage internal
  • org.apache.xpath.res.XPATHMessages
    A utility class for issuing XPath error messages. @xsl.usage internal
  • org.apache.xalan.res.XSLTErrorResources_tr
    Set up error messages. We build a two dimensional array of message keys and message strings. In order to add a new message here, you need to first add a String constant. And you need to enter key , value pair as part of contents Array. You also need to update MAX_CODE for error strings and MAX_WAR ...
  • org.enhydra.apache.xerces.msg.ImplementationMessages
    <p> This file contains error and warning messages used by the Apache Xerces parser. The messages are arranged in key and value tuples in a ListResourceBundle. @version
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