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  • org.hsqldb.Log
    fredt@users 20020215 - patch 1.7.0 by fredt to move operations on the files to new class HsqlDatabaseProperties fredt@users 20020220 - patch 488200 by xclay@users - throw exception throw addded to all methods relying on file io fredt@users 20020221 - patch 513005 by sqlbob@users ...
  • com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.parser.HTMLPageParserTest
    Test case for HTMLPageParser implementations. See parser-tests/readme.txt. @author Joe Walnes
  • org.objectweb.util.monolog.TestHelper
    This class is test helper which provides tool methods to check a log file. It extends TestCase to support the use with JUnit. @author Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz
  • org.apache.tapestry.describe.LocationRenderStrategy
    Adapter for displaying {@link org.apache.hivemind.Location} objects as HTML. This may include showing the content of the {@link org.apache.hivemind.Resource}, with the line indicated in the Location highlighted. @author Howard M. Lewis Ship @since 4.0
    This class contains methods used to inspect POIFSViewable objects @author Marc Johnson (mjohnson at apache dot org)
  • comanche.RequestAnalyzer
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