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    This builds SSL server socket factories and SSL socket factories.<p/> The main methods are createSSLServerSocketFactory() and createSSLSocketFactory(). By default, these methods will use SSLServerSocketFactory.getDefault() and SSLSocketFactory.getDefault() and will require the proper system ...
  • org.jdesktop.swing.auth.KeyChain
    <p> <b>KeyChain</b> is a class that implements the "KeyChain" concept. Fundamentally, it allows you to store multiple keys/credentials in a central password store. Access to this central store is controlled through a master password. This mechanism is used in many popular client a ...
  • org.apache.commons.httpclient.contrib.ssl.AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory
    <p> AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory can be used to validate the identity of the HTTPS server against a list of trusted certificates and to authenticate to the HTTPS server using a private key. </p> <p> AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory will enable server authentication when supplied wit ...
    @author <a HREF="">Tom Elrod</a>
    Base Login Module that uses X509Certificates as credentials for authentication. This login module uses X509Certificates as a credential. It takes the cert as an object and checks to see if the alias in the truststore/keystore contains the same certificate. Subclasses of this module should impleme ...
    A class with utility methods that help managing certificates @author Gerald Brose, FU Berlin @version $Id:,v 1.11 2004/05/06 12:40:01 nicolas Exp $
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