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  • org.jgroups.util.Proxy1_4
    Redirects incoming TCP connections to other hosts/ports. All redirections are defined in a file as for example <pre> </pre> The first line forwards all requests to port 8888 on to at port 80 (it also forwards ...
    The object reader object is an object used in conjunction with java.nio TCP messages. This object stores the message bytes in a <code>XByteBuffer</code> until a full package has been received. When a full package has been received, the append method will call messageDataReceived on the ...
  • com.caucho.vfs.QServerSocketWrapper
    Abstract socket to handle both normal sockets and bin/resin sockets.
  • org.jdesktop.jdic.browser.MsgClient
    An internal class that implements a socket client. @author Kyle Yuan @version 0.1, 03/07/30 socket message delimiter. use these delimiters assuming they won't appear in the message itself. a long message may be devided into several pieces: a head piece, multiple middle pieces and an end piece. c ...
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