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    Main class of QuickServer library. This class is used to create multi client servers quickly. <p> Ones a client is connected, it creates {@link ClientHandler} object, which is run using any thread available from the pool of threads maintained by {@link org.quickserver.util.pool.thread.Client ...
    This builds SSL server socket factories and SSL socket factories.<p/> The main methods are createSSLServerSocketFactory() and createSSLSocketFactory(). By default, these methods will use SSLServerSocketFactory.getDefault() and SSLSocketFactory.getDefault() and will require the proper system ...
    @author <a HREF="">Tom Elrod</a>
  • org.jivesoftware.util.SimpleSSLSocketFactory
    SSLSocketFactory that accepts any certificate chain and also accepts expired certificates. @author Matt Tucker
  • com.sun.slamd.example.JSSEBlindTrustSocketFactory
    This class provides an implementation of an SSL socket factory that will use JSSE to create the SSL socket. In addition, it will implement a trust mechanism in such a way that it will blindly trust any certificate that the server presents to it, regardless of what we might think is wrong with it. ...
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