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  • org.openide.awt.SplittedPanel
    The SplittedPanel widget is a Panel that can contain one or two components and place them side-by-side vertically or horizontally with a splitter in the middle. User can move the split point by dragging the splitter with mouse. The two components are accessed by add/remove methods with constraints ...
  • org.openide.awt.ToolbarPool
    This class keeps track of the current toolbars and their names. @author David Peroutka, Libor Kramolis
  • org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.TabbedContainer
    A tabbed container similar to a JTabbedPane. The tabbed container is a simple container which contains two components - the tabs displayer, and the content displayer. The tabs displayer is the thing that actually draws the tabs; the content displayer contains the components that are being shown. ...
  • org.openide.explorer.propertysheet.DescriptionComponent
    A component which can display a description, a title and a button. @author Tim Boudreau Creates a new instance of SplitLowerComponent
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