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    A class with utility methods that help managing a key store. @author Gerald Brose, FU Berlin @version $Id:,v 1.10 2004/05/06 12:40:01 nicolas Exp $
  • org.apache.commons.httpclient.contrib.ssl.AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory
    <p> AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory can be used to validate the identity of the HTTPS server against a list of trusted certificates and to authenticate to the HTTPS server using a private key. </p> <p> AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory will enable server authentication when supplied wit ...
  • org.faceless.pdf.FormSignature
    <p> This class represents a public key "Digital Signature" which can be used to sign a PDF document. Signatures from existing documents can be verified and new signatures can be added. Signatures not based around a Public Key crypto system are not supported. </p><p> Signatures ma ...
  • org.enhydra.oyster.util.PFXUtils
    PFXUtils class has static methods which are dealing with .pfx, or .p12 files. The file (of this types) presents storage for keeping certificate chain and private key. Information from this files are being transported through programs via instance of the Java class KeyStore.
    <dl> <dt><b>Title: </b><dd>Crypto Factory for use within JBoss.Net</dd> <p> <dt><b>Description: </b><dd>Crypto factory that returns JBossCrypto implementations rather than Crypto implementations</dd> <p> </dl> @aut ...
    Securue socket factory wrapper allowing simple setup of all security SSL related parameters. @author Iain Shigeoka
  • mx4j.examples.remote.rmi.ssl.Server
    This example shows how to setup a JSR 160 RMIConnectorServer over SSL. <br /> An RMI server that has been setup to use SSL uses a private key to encrypt the communication with the client. The client must know the server's public key in order to be able to decrypt the communication; public ke ...
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