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  • org.objectweb.jonas_ejb.genic.VcMethod
    This class is the "Velocity context" for a interface method or a bean method used in the Velocity Templates. @author Helene Joanin (Bull) : Initial developer @author Santiago Gala ( - 00/09/14 - Parameters can be followed by a number in the WHERE clause @author Joe Gittings has ...
    This class is given to PolicyContext. This allow to associate thread-scoped object with the PolicyContext @see @author Florent Benoit
  • org.objectweb.jonas_ejb.container.JContext
    This class implements javax.ejb.EJBContext class. It may be extended in JSessionContext or JEntityContext @author Philippe Coq, Philippe Durieux, Jeff Mesnil (security) @author Florent Benoit (JACC security)
    Superclass for all EJBs. Package-visible: not intended for direct subclassing. Provides a standard way of loading a BeanFactory. Subclasses act as a facade, with the business logic deferred to beans in the BeanFactory. <p>Default is to use a ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator, which will initial ...
  • org.objectweb.jonas_ejb.deployment.api.BeanDesc
    Class to hold meta-information related to any enterprise-beans @author Christophe Ney [] : Initial developer @author Helene Joanin @author Jeff Mesnil @author Philippe Coq @author Florent Benoit & Ludovic Bert : ejb_link
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