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  • org.springframework.mock.web.MockExpressionEvaluator
    Mock implementation of the JSP 2.0 ExpressionEvaluator, delegating to the Jakarta JSTL ExpressionEvaluatorManager. <p>Used for testing the web framework; only necessary for testing applications when testing custom JSP tags. <p>Note that the Jakarta JSTL implementation (jstl.jar, stan ...
  • org.apache.commons.el.ExpressionEvaluatorImpl
    <p>This is the main class for evaluating expression Strings. An expression String is a String that may contain expressions of the form ${...}. Multiple expressions may appear in the same expression String. In such a case, the expression String's value is computed by concatenating the Str ...
  • com.caucho.jsp.el.ExpressionImpl
    Implementation of the expression evaluator.
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