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  • org.apache.commons.el.Logger
    <p>The evaluator may pass an instance of this class to operators and expressions during evaluation. They should use this to log any warning or error messages that might come up. This allows all of our logging policies to be concentrated in one class. <p>Errors are conditions that a ...
  • org.apache.commons.el.Coercions
    <p>This class contains the logic for coercing data types before operators are applied to them. <p>The following is the list of rules applied for various type conversions. <ul><pre> Applying arithmetic operator Binary operator - A {+,-,*} B if A and B are null return 0 if ...
  • org.apache.commons.el.ExpressionEvaluatorImpl
    <p>This is the main class for evaluating expression Strings. An expression String is a String that may contain expressions of the form ${...}. Multiple expressions may appear in the same expression String. In such a case, the expression String's value is computed by concatenating the Str ...
  • com.caucho.el.AbstractBooleanExpr
    Base implementation for a boolean-valued expression.
  • org.apache.commons.el.BeanInfoManager
    <p>Manages the BeanInfo for one class - contains the BeanInfo, and also a mapping from property name to BeanInfoProperty. There are also static methods for accessing the BeanInfoManager for a class - those mappings are cached permanently so that once the BeanInfoManager is calculated, it d ...
  • com.caucho.el.BinaryExpr
    Represents a binary numeric operation
  • com.caucho.el.DoubleLiteral
    Represents a double literal expression.
  • org.springframework.mock.web.MockExpressionEvaluator
    Mock implementation of the JSP 2.0 ExpressionEvaluator, delegating to the Jakarta JSTL ExpressionEvaluatorManager. <p>Used for testing the web framework; only necessary for testing applications when testing custom JSP tags. <p>Note that the Jakarta JSTL implementation (jstl.jar, stan ...
  • org.apache.myfaces.el.ELParserHelper
    Utility class to implement support functionality to "morph" JSP EL into JSF EL @author Anton Koinov (latest modification by $Author: svieujot $) @version $Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2005/04/11 17:39:36 $ $Log:,v $ Revision 1.7 2005/04/11 17:39:36 svieujot ELParserHelper : Fix a ...
  • com.caucho.el.BooleanExpr
    Represents a binary boolean expression.
  • com.caucho.config.types.StringTypeBuilder
    Class-loading TypeBuilder
  • com.caucho.jstl.el.FormatDateTag
    Formats an i18n date and prints it.
  • com.caucho.jstl.el.FormatNumberTag
    Looks up an i18n message from a bundle and prints it.
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