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  • org.springframework.beans.BeanWrapperImpl
    Default implementation of the BeanWrapper interface that should be sufficient for all typical use cases. Caches introspection results for efficiency. <p>Note: This class never tries to load a class by name, as this can pose class loading problems in J2EE applications with multiple deploymen ...
  • org.jboss.util.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors
    A collection of PropertyEditor utilities. Provides the same interface as PropertyManagerEditor plus more... <p>Installs the default PropertyEditors. @author <a HREF="">Jason Dillon</a> @author @version <tt>$Revision: 1.6.6. ...
  • org.ejtools.jmx.browser.ui.MBeanCustomizer
    Description of the Class @author letiemble @version $Revision: 1.7 $ @created 8 avril 2002 @todo Protected method to choose PropertyEditor by Class and Name @todo Non Supported classes displayed @todo Result of Command put into an Output List
  • org.ejtools.jmx.browser.web.taglib.MBeanResultEditorTag
    Description of the Class @author letiemble @created 25 avril 2002 @version $Revision: 1.6 $ @todo Javadoc to complete @jsp:tag name="mbeanResultEditor" body-content="empty"
  • org.springframework.beans.factory.config.CustomEditorConfigurer
    BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that allows for convenient registration of custom property editors. <p>Configuration example, assuming XML bean definitions and inner beans for PropertyEditor instances: <pre> &lt;bean id="customEditorConfigurer" class="org.springframework. ...
  • org.ejtools.jmx.browser.web.action.InvokeAction
    Description of the Class @author letiemble @created 12 novembre 2001 @version $Revision: 1.6 $ @todo Javadoc to complete
    An extension of the {@link MBeanInvoker} that implements the base Model MBean functionality, essentially making the Model MBean just another invoker of managed resources. @see @see @author & ...
    Represents a Java scriptlet.
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