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    Creates and binds a dispatcher @author <a HREF="">Trevor Squires</a>. @author <a HREF="">Juha Lindfors</a>
    This metadata builder implementation builds a MBean info based on the naming rules of the Standard MBeans. The MBean server uses this builder to generate the metadata for Standard MBeans. <p> In cooperation with the {@link MBeanInfoConversion#toModelMBeanInfo MBeanInfoConversion} class you ...
    Invocation handler for MBean proxies. @author <a HREF="">Juha Lindfors</a>. @version $Revision: $
  • org.objectweb.jonas.mejb.ManagementBean
    This is the Management EJB implementation for JOnAS. A MEJB instance is created and deployed at JOnAS start time. It is registered in the ejb/mgmt naming subcontext. The current implementation allows access to managed resources registered in the current (local) MBean server via the standard manag ...
  • test.compliance.standard.TrivialTEST
    @author <a HREF="">Trevor Squires</a>.
  • com.caucho.jmx.MBeanServerImpl
    The main interface for retrieving and managing JMX objects. Creats a new MBeanServer implementation.
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