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    Runs events through a {@link javax.xml.validation.ValidatorHandler} and performs validation/infoset-augmentation by an external validator. <p> This component sets up the pipeline as follows: <!-- this picture may look teribble on your IDE but it is correct. --> <pre> __ ...
    {@link ValidatorHandler} implementation that wraps {@link InsulatedValidatorComponent}. <p> This class implements all the SAX {@link org.xml.sax.ContentHandler} methods and turn SAX events into XNI events. <p> This class also implements {@link XMLComponentManager} to host a validator ...
  • net.sf.saxon.dom.TypedContentHandler
    This class is an extension of ContentHandlerProxy that provides access to type information, using the DOM Level 3 TypeInfo interfaces. The ContentHandlerProxy also acts as a TypeInfoProvider, providing information about the type of the current element or attribute.
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