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    This is a simple grafical user interface to provide the information needed by ANT and to start the build-process within IBM VisualAge for Java. <p> I was using AWT to make it independent from the JDK-version. Please don't ask me for a Swing-version:I am very familiar with Swing and I really ...
  • org.hsqldb.util.ConnectionDialog
    sqlbob@users 20020325 - patch 1.7.0 - enhancements sqlbob@users 20020407 - patch 1.7.0 - reengineering fredt@users - 20040508 - modified patch by lonbinder@users for saving settings Opens a connection to a database @author Thomas Mueller (Hypersonic SQL Group) @version 1.7.2 @since Hypersonic SQL ...
  • org.hsqldb.util.QueryTool
    Simple demonstration applet @author Thomas Mueller (Hypersonic SQL Group) @version 1.7.0 @since Hypersonic SQL
  • org.objectweb.proactive.examples.c3d.C3DUser
  • sync4j.syncclient.demo.ContactForm
    A form containing all the fields concerning a contact. This form will be a subpanel for ContactModify and ContactNew @author Fabio Maggi @ Funambol @author Alessandro Morandi, Giorgio Orsi @version $Id:,v 1.13 2005/05/27 11:08:34 luigiafassina Exp $
  • demo.poa_monitor.client.TestFrame
    This type was created in VisualAge.
  • HTTPClient.DefaultAuthHandler
    A simple authorization handler that throws up a message box requesting both a username and password. This is default authorization handler. Currently only handles the authentication types "Basic", "Digest" and "SOCKS5" (used for the SocksClient and not part of HTTP per se). @version 0.3-2 18/06/ ...
  • org.objectweb.mobilitools.util.corba.NSbrowser
    MobiliTools $Name: $, $Id:,v 2003/03/28 14:48:06 dillense Exp $ <P> Browser for CORBA name service. This GUI is based on the NameService wrapper (@see NameService). It can be used: <UL> <LI>either directly as a standalone programme, to browse the default c ...
  • sync4j.syncclient.demo.CalendarForm
    A form containing all the fields concerning a calendar. This form will be a subpanel for CalendarModify and CalendarNew @author Fabio Maggi @ Funambol @author Marco Magistrali @ Funambol
  • TransformApplet
    This applet demonstrates how XSL transformations can be made to run in browsers without native XSLT support. Note that the XSLTC transformation engine is invoked through the JAXP interface, using the XSLTC "use-classpath" attribute. The "use-classpath" attribute specifies to the XSLTC Transforme ...
  • org.jacorb.poa.gui.poa.QueueListItem
    @author Reimo Tiedemann, FU Berlin @version 1.0, 05/10/99, RT
  • sync4j.syncclient.demo.CheckCalendarFields
    The new calendar insertion panel. @author Fabio Maggi @ Funambol @author Marco Magistrali @ Funambol @version $Id:,v 1.5 2005/01/19 11:01:11 fabius Exp $
  • org.jgroups.demos.wb.GraphPanel
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