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    A helper class using the SSLEngine API to decrypt/encrypt data. <p> Each connection has a SSLEngine that is used through the lifetime of the connection. We allocate byte buffers for use as the outbound and inbound network buffers. These buffers handle all of the intermediary data for the SSL ...
  • org.apache.mina.filter.SSLFilter
    An SSL filter that encrypts and decrypts the data exchanged in the session. Adding this filter triggers SSL handshake procedure immediately by sending a SSL 'hello' message, so you don't need to call {@link #startSSL(IoSession)} manually unless you are implementing StartTLS (see below). <p> ...
    ssl processor @author buffer size constructor @param sslContext the ssl context @param isClientMode true, is ssl processor runs in client mode start ssl processing @param inNetData already received net data @throws IOException If some other I/O error occurs destroy ...
  • org.columba.ristretto.pop3.POP3Protocol
    Implementation of the client side POP3 Protocol. @author Timo Stich <>
    SSL server socket factory. It _requires_ a valid RSA key and JSSE. @author Harish Prabandham @author Costin Manolache @author Stefan Freyr Stefansson @author EKR -- renamed to JSSESocketFactory @author Jan Luehe @author Bill Barker
    Main class of QuickServer library. This class is used to create multi client servers quickly. <p> Ones a client is connected, it creates {@link ClientHandler} object, which is run using any thread available from the pool of threads maintained by {@link org.quickserver.util.pool.thread.Client ...
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