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  • org.jgroups.protocols.UDP1_4
    Multicast transport. Similar to UDP, but binds to multiple (or all) interfaces for sending and receiving multicast and unicast traffic.<br/> The list of interfaces can be set via a property (comma-delimited list of IP addresses or "all" for all interfaces). Note that this class only works un ...
  • org.jgroups.stack.LogicalAddress1_4
    Logical address that spans the lifetime of a member. Assigned at member (JVM) startup, and retained until member is shutdown. Note that the address does <em>not</em> change on disconnect-connect sequences. For example, when a member is shunned and subsequently readmitted to the group, ...
    A Socket that overrides the getInputStream to return a InterruptableInputStream @author @version $Revision: $
  • org.jgroups.blocks.ConnectionTable
    Manages incoming and outgoing TCP connections. For each outgoing message to destination P, if there is not yet a connection for P, one will be created. Subsequent outgoing messages will use this connection. For incoming messages, one server socket is created at startup. For each new incoming clie ...
  • org.jgroups.protocols.MPING
    Uses its own IP multicast socket to send and receive discovery requests/responses. Can be used in conjuntion with a non-UDP transport, e.g. TCP.<p> The discovery is <em>assymetric</em>: discovery requests are broadcast via the multicast socket, and received via the multicast sock ...
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