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    The XPathImpl class provides implementation for the methods defined in javax.xml.xpath.XPath interface. This provide simple access to the results of an XPath expression. @version $Revision: 1.15 $ @author Ramesh Mandava
    The XPathExpression interface encapsulates a (compiled) XPath expression. @version $Revision: 1.8 $ @author Ramesh Mandava
  • net.sf.saxon.xpath.StandaloneContext
    A StandaloneContext provides a context for parsing an XPath expression in a context other than a stylesheet. In particular, it is used to support the JAXP 1.3 XPath API. This API does not actually expose the StaticContext object directly; rather, the static context (namespaces, variables, and func ...
  • net.sf.saxon.xpath.XPathEvaluator
    <p>XPathEvaluator provides a simple API for standalone XPath processing (that is, executing XPath expressions in the absence of an XSLT stylesheet). It is an implementation of the JAXP 1.3 XPath interface, with additional methods provided (a) for backwards compatibility (b) to give extra con ...
  • ApplyXPathJAXP
    Very basic utility for applying the XPath API in JAXP 1.3 to an xml file and printing information about the execution of the XPath object and the nodes it finds. Takes 2 or 3 arguments: (1) an xml filename (2) an XPath expression to apply to the file (3) (optionally) short name of the object mode ...
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