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  • test.compliance.varia.ObjectInstanceTestCase
    Object Instance tests.<p> NOTE: The tests use String literals to ensure the comparisons are not performed on object references. @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock</a>.
    MBean server implementation. The MBean server behaviour can be configured by setting the following system properties: <ul> <li><tt>jbossmx.loader.repository.class</tt> <li><tt>jbossmx.mbean.registry.class</tt> <li><tt>jbossmx.required.modelmbe ...
  • org.apache.webapp.admin.resources.ResourceUtils
    <p>Shared utility methods for the resource administration module.</p> @author Manveen Kaur @author Amy Roh @version $Revision: 1.11 $ $Date: 2004/04/30 17:53:59 $ @since 4.1
  • test.implementation.server.ObjectInstanceTestCase
    Tests the ObjectInstance handling which is a bit brain-dead in the RI.<p> Maybe one-day these will be part of the compliance testsuite. @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock</a>.
    MBean installer utility<p> This installer allows MLet to install or upgrade a mbean based on the version specified in the MLet conf file. If the mbean version is newer than the registered in the server, the installer unregisters the old mbean and then registers the new one. This management ...
  • org.objectweb.cjdbc.controller.jmx.ChainedMBeanServer
    Base class for chained MBeanServers. By default this class delegates all method calls to the nested MBeanServer. Subclass it to add behavior to one or more (or all) methods. <p> This class takes its origin in mx4j.server.ChainedMBeanServer @author <a HREF=""& ...
    wrapper around the mbean server that may be exposed as a soap-enabled mbean to the outside world. @todo convert to MBeanServerConnection @author <a HREF="">Christoph G. Jung</a> @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock&l ...
  • org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExporterTests
    @author Rob Harrop
  • test.compliance.query.QueryMBeansObjectNameOnlyTestCase
    Object Name Query tests.<p> TODO: More tests, more systematic? @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock</a>.
  • org.objectweb.cjdbc.controller.jmx.MBeanServerManager
    The MBeanServerManager (Singleton) creates a single MBeanServer in an JVM. The server can be accessed with the getInstance() method. <p> The server is created with org.objectweb.cjdbc.controller.jmx.MBeanServerBuilder @author <a HREF="">Marc Wick </a> ...
    Tests {@link} @author Achim Huegen @since 1.1
  • org.apache.webapp.admin.resources.DeleteEnvEntriesAction
    <p>Implementation of <strong>Action</strong> that deletes the specified set of env entries.</p> @author Manveen Kaur @version $Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2004/10/18 06:37:54 $ @since 4.1
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