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    The registry for object name - object reference mapping in the MBean server. <p> The implementation of this class affects the invocation speed directly, please check any changes for performance. @todo JMI_DOMAIN isn't very protected @see @author ...
    The JBoss 1.0 model mbean descriptor parser class. @author Matt Munz @author @author <a HREF="">Dimitris Andreadis</a> @version $Revision: $
    This metadata builder implementation builds a MBean info based on the naming rules of the Standard MBeans. The MBean server uses this builder to generate the metadata for Standard MBeans. <p> In cooperation with the {@link MBeanInfoConversion#toModelMBeanInfo MBeanInfoConversion} class you ...
  • test.compliance.notcompliant.NCMBeanTEST
    XMBean implementation. @author <a HREF="">Juha Lindfors</a>. @author Matt Munz @author <a HREF="">Dimitris Andreadis</a> @version $Revision: $
  • org.objectweb.cjdbc.controller.jmx.ChainedMBeanServer
    Base class for chained MBeanServers. By default this class delegates all method calls to the nested MBeanServer. Subclass it to add behavior to one or more (or all) methods. <p> This class takes its origin in mx4j.server.ChainedMBeanServer @author <a HREF=""& ...
    wrapper around the mbean server that may be exposed as a soap-enabled mbean to the outside world. @todo convert to MBeanServerConnection @author <a HREF="">Christoph G. Jung</a> @author <a HREF="">Adrian Brock&l ...
    Test of {@link}. @author Achim Huegen @since 1.1
    Holds the type of an MBean class. The introspection algorithm used is the following: 1. If MyClass is an instance of the DynamicMBean interface, then the return value of its getMBeanInfo method will list the attributes and operations of the resource. In other words, MyClass is a dynamic MBean. ...
  • org.objectweb.jonas.ear.EarServiceImpl
    JOnAS EAR Service Implementation class. This class provides an implementation of the ear service. @author Florent Benoit @author Ludovic Bert Contributor(s): Adriana Danes: highlight configuration properties Eric Hardesty: added ability to include rar files in an ear Michel-Ange Anton : new JSR77 ...
  • com.caucho.jmx.MBeanServerImpl
    The main interface for retrieving and managing JMX objects. Creats a new MBeanServer implementation.
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