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  • test.compliance.loading.MLetTEST
    MLet tests. @author <a HREF="">Juha Lindfors</a>
  • test.implementation.loading.LoaderRepositoryTEST
    A repository of class loaders that form a flat namespace of classes and resources. This version uses UnifiedClassLoader3 instances. Class and resource loading is synchronized by the acquiring the monitor to the associated repository structure monitor. See the variable javadoc comments for what moni ...
  • org.apache.commons.modeler.ant.MLETTask
    Load an MBean. The syntax is similar with the <mlet>, with few ant-specific extensions. A separate classloader can be used, the mechanism is similar with what taskdef is using. Note that mlet will use the arguments in the constructor.
  • mx4j.examples.remote.notification.Client
    This example shows how to setup a JSR 160 connector client, and how it is possible to receive notifications emitted by a remote connector server. @version $Revision: 1.1 $ @see Server
  • org.jboss.test.jmx.mbeane.TestDeployerE
    This mbean services uses a class contained in a jar within the sar deployment to test @author <a HREF="">David Jencks</a> @version $Revision: 1.2 $ <p>
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