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  • org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeContext
    This class represents a context used by the various bridges and the builder. A bridge context is associated to a particular document and cannot be reused. The context encapsulates the dynamic bindings between DOM elements and GVT nodes, graphic contexts such as a <tt>GraphicsNodeRenderConte ...
  • org.apache.batik.bridge.FocusManager
    A class that manages focus on elements. @author <a HREF="">Thierry Kormann</a> @version $Id:,v 1.7 2004/08/18 07:12:31 vhardy Exp $
  • org.apache.batik.bridge.ScriptingEnvironment
    This class contains the informations needed by the SVG scripting. @author <a HREF="">Stephane Hillion</a> @version $Id:,v 1.49 2005/04/02 14:26:09 deweese Exp $
  • org.apache.batik.swing.JSVGCanvas
    This class represents a general-purpose swing SVG component. The <tt>JSVGCanvas</tt> does not provided additional functionalities compared to the <tt>JSVGComponent</tt> but simply provides an API conformed to the JavaBean specification. The only major change between the < ...
  • org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGImageElementBridge
    Bridge class for the &lt;image> element. @author <a HREF="">Thierry Kormann</a> @version $Id:,v 1.72 2005/03/27 08:58:30 cam Exp $
  • org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGUseElementBridge
    Bridge class for the &lt;use> element. @author <a HREF="">Thierry Kormann</a> @version $Id:,v 1.47 2005/03/03 01:19:53 deweese Exp $
    The abstract <code>Event</code> root class. @author <a HREF="">Thierry Kormann</a> @author <a HREF="">Stephane Hillion</a> @version $Id:,v 1.9 2005/02/22 09:12:59 cam Exp $
  • org.apache.batik.script.rhino.EventTargetWrapper
    A class that wraps an <code>EventTarget</code> instance to expose it in the Rhino engine. Then calling <code>addEventListener</code> with a Rhino function as parameter should redirect the call to <code>addEventListener</code> with a Java function object calling ...
    EventImpl is an implementation of the basic "generic" DOM Level 2 Event object. It may be subclassed by more specialized event sets. Note that in our implementation, events are re-dispatchable (dispatch clears the stopPropagation and preventDefault flags before it starts); I believe that is the DO ...
  • org.apache.batik.bridge.BaseScriptingEnvironment
    This class is the base class for SVG scripting. @author <a HREF="">Stephane Hillion</a> @version $Id:,v 1.35 2005/03/27 08:58:30 cam Exp $
  • org.apache.batik.extension.svg.BatikFlowTextElementBridge
    Bridge class for the &lt;flowText> element. @author <a HREF="">Thomas DeWeese</a> @version $Id:,v 1.3 2005/03/27 08:58:33 cam Exp $
  • com.untrusted.script.UntrustedScriptHandler
    This class implements the ScriptHandler interface and represents an example of untrusted code. It creates a number of Java Permissions and checks that access is denied. the tests fail if the Permissions are granted. The only thing that the class should be allowed to make is a connection back to ...
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