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  • Acme.JPM.Encoders.GifEncoder
    Write out an image as a GIF. <P> <A HREF="../../../../resources/classes/Acme/JPM/Encoders/">Fetch the software.</A><BR> <A HREF="../../../../resources/classes/Acme.tar.gz">Fetch the entire Acme package.</A> <P> @see ToGif
  • junit.awtui.TestRunner
    An AWT based user interface to run tests. Enter the name of a class which either provides a static suite method or is a subclass of TestCase. <pre> Synopsis: java junit.awtui.TestRunner [-noloading] [TestCase] </pre> TestRunner takes as an optional argument the name of the testcase cla ...
  • org.objectweb.fractal.swing.ComponentItf
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