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  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.Generator
    Generate Java source from Nodes @author Anil K. Vijendran @author Danno Ferrin @author Mandar Raje @author Rajiv Mordani @author Pierre Delisle Tomcat 4.1.x and Tomcat 5: @author Kin-man Chung @author Jan Luehe @author Shawn Bayern @author Mark Roth @author Denis Benoit @param s the input stri ...
  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.TagLibraryInfoImpl
    Implementation of the TagLibraryInfo class from the JSP spec. @author Anil K. Vijendran @author Mandar Raje @author Pierre Delisle @author Kin-man Chung @author Jan Luehe Logger
  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.TagFileProcessor
    1. Processes and extracts the directive info in a tag file. 2. Compiles and loads tag files used in a JSP file. @author Kin-man Chung A visitor the tag file
  • org.apache.jasper.compiler.ScriptingVariabler
    Class responsible for determining the scripting variables that every custom action needs to declare. @author Jan Luehe Assigns an identifier (of type integer) to every custom tag, in order to help identify, for every custom tag, the scripting variables that it needs to declare.
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