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  • mime.MimeTest
    Junit test for Mime attachments There should be tests here for... DataHandler, DataSource and other datatypes (not sure of the list) Sync and async rpc-style and doc-style Other mime types Axis and Soap 2.3 Soap Http and Jms Does this function make sense for NativeJms, Java, EJB, etc? Sending att ...
  • mime.MimeImpl
    Mime service used by MimeTest @author Mark Whitlock
  • org.springframework.mail.javamail.MimeMessageHelper
    Helper class for easy population of a <code>javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage</code>. <p>Mirrors the simple setters of SimpleMailMessage, directly applying the values to the underlying MimeMessage. Allows to define a character encoding for the entire message, automatically applied ...
  • docStyle.MessagingAttachmentsTest
    Junit test to test out the AXIS provider docstyle support
  • org.enhydra.oyster.mail.MultipartGenerator
    Methods from this class are used in creation of specific MimeMultipart objects other than default multipart/mixed.
  • DCHTest2
  • org.enhydra.oyster.smime.BaseSMIMEObject
    This class is used as super class for all four email types with SMIME cryptography capabilities (Enveloped, Signed Signed and Enveloped and Enveloped and Signed). It contains the common methods for all this types. Also, this class is used as a super class for class PureMIME which can be used in cr ...
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