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  • org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapper
    Standard implementation of the <b>Wrapper</b> interface that represents an individual servlet definition. No child Containers are allowed, and the parent Container must be a Context. @author Craig R. McClanahan @author Remy Maucherat @version $Revision: 1.58 $ $Date: 2005/03/11 16:34 ...
  • org.apache.catalina.InstanceEvent
    General event for notifying listeners of significant events related to a specific instance of a Servlet, or a specific instance of a Filter, as opposed to the Wrapper component that manages it. @author Craig R. McClanahan @version $Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2004/02/27 14:58:38 $
  • org.apache.catalina.util.InstanceSupport
    Support class to assist in firing InstanceEvent notifications to registered InstanceListeners. @author Craig R. McClanahan @version $Id:,v 1.3 2004/08/29 16:46:13 yoavs Exp $
  • com.jcorporate.expresso.core.controller.ServletControllerRequest
    ServletControllerRequest is an extension of ControllerRequest that also contains access to "special" servlet-related items, such as the ServletResponse object. It should only be used *when absolutely necessary*, as normally a standard ControllerParms object is better.
  • com.jcorporate.expresso.ext.controller.ServeTextFile
    This controller is used to serve up text files. It helps provide a particularly useful mechanism for tutorial purposes. <p><b>PLEASE NOTE!</b>: It is DEFINITELY not recommended that this controller should be opened up to anybody but the Administrator in a production environment! ...
    @version $Rev: $ $Date: $
  • freemarker.ext.jsp.FreeMarkerPageContext
    @version $Id:,v 1.26 2005/06/14 13:55:29 szegedia Exp $ @author Attila Szegedi Register page attributes as per spec
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