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    @author <a HREF="">Thilina Gunarathne </a>
  • JavaMailServlet
    This is a servlet that demonstrates the use of JavaMail APIs in a 3-tier application. It allows the user to login to an IMAP store, list all the messages in the INBOX folder, view selected messages, compose and send a message, and logout. <p> Please note: This is NOT an example of how to wri ...
  • org.apache.cocoon.mail.MailContentHandlerDelegate
    Marshal javamail objects <p> Having one or more javamail objects, like Message, Folder, et al. emit SAX events </p> @author Bernhard Huber @since 24. Oktober 2002 @version CVS $Id: 30932 2004-07-29 17:35:38Z vgritsenko $ Generated SAX events conformin ...
  • org.apache.james.util.mail.handlers.message_disposition_notification
    <p>Data Content Handler for...</p> <dl> <dt>MIME type name</dt><dd>message</dd> <dt>MIME subtype name</dt><dd>disposition-notification</dd> </dl>
  • org.apache.soap.util.mime.MimeUtils
    Mime-related utility functions. @author Wouter Cloetens (
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