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    <p>This table provides for mapping between files and mime types. Here we try to put every mime type that we are aware of and provide the following services:</p> <ul> <li>Output Stream Content Type settings. Useful for content management, or file servers. Once the system k ...
  • org.springframework.mail.javamail.ConfigurableMimeFileTypeMap
    Spring-configurable <code>FileTypeMap</code> implementation that will read MIME type to file extension mappings from a standard JavaMail MIME type mapping file, using a standard <code>MimetypesFileTypeMap</code> underneath. <p>The mapping file should be in the follow ...
  • net.nutch.protocol.file.File deals with file: scheme. Configurable parameters are defined under "FILE properties" section in ./conf/nutch-default.xml or similar. @author John Xing
  • JAFApp
  • net.nutch.protocol.ftp.FtpResponse mimics ftp replies as http response. It tries its best to follow http's way for headers, response codes as well as exceptions. Comments: In this class, all FtpException*.java thrown by and some important commons-net exceptions passed by must have been prop ...
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