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  • org.apache.cocoon.mail.MimeMessageUtil
    Description of the Class @author Bernhard Huber @since 26. Oktober 2002 @version CVS $Id: 30932 2004-07-29 17:35:38Z vgritsenko $
  • org.springframework.mail.javamail.MimeMessageHelper
    Helper class for easy population of a <code>javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage</code>. <p>Mirrors the simple setters of SimpleMailMessage, directly applying the values to the underlying MimeMessage. Allows to define a character encoding for the entire message, automatically applied ...
  • org.apache.james.imapserver.SimpleMessageAttributes
    Attributes of a Message in IMAP4rev1 style. Message Attributes should be set when a message enters a mailbox. <p> Note that the message in a mailbox have the same order using either Message Sequence Numbers or UIDs. <p> reinitialize() must be called on deserialization to reset Logger ...
  • org.apache.naming.factory.SendMailFactory
    Factory class that creates a JNDI named javamail MimePartDataSource object which can be used for sending email using SMTP. <p> Can be configured in the DefaultContext or Context scope of your server.xml configuration file. <p> Example: <p> <pre> &lt;Resource name="mail/ ...
  • org.apache.axis.transport.mail.MailWorker
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