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  • org.apache.soap.rpc.SOAPContext
    SOAP context for a message. Encapsulates: <ul> <li>MIME multipart </ul> @author Wouter Cloetens (
  • org.springframework.mail.javamail.MimeMessageHelper
    Helper class for easy population of a <code>javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage</code>. <p>Mirrors the simple setters of SimpleMailMessage, directly applying the values to the underlying MimeMessage. Allows to define a character encoding for the entire message, automatically applied ...
  • org.apache.james.transport.mailets.DSNBounce
    <P>Generates a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) Note that this is different than a mail-client's reply, which would use the Reply-To or From header.</P> <P>Bounced messages are attached in their entirety (headers and content) and the resulting MIME part type is "message/rfc822 ...
  • org.enhydra.oyster.smime.BaseSMIMEObject
    This class is used as super class for all four email types with SMIME cryptography capabilities (Enveloped, Signed Signed and Enveloped and Enveloped and Signed). It contains the common methods for all this types. Also, this class is used as a super class for class PureMIME which can be used in cr ...
  • org.jboss.axis.attachments.MimeUtils
    This class is defines utilities for mime.
  • org.apache.axis.attachments.MimeUtils
    This class is defines utilities for mime.
  • org.apache.axis2.attachments.MIMEHelper
    @author <a HREF="">Thilina Gunarathne </a>
  • org.apache.james.transport.mailets.AbstractRedirect
    <P>Abstract mailet providing configurable redirection services.<BR> This mailet can be subclassed to make authoring redirection mailets simple.<BR> By extending it and overriding one or more of these methods new behaviour can be quickly created without the author having to addres ...
  • org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.MimePartSerializer
    A <code>MimePartSerializer</code> can be used to serialize Java's InputStream, JavaMail's MimeBodyPart and Java Activation Framework's DataSource and DataHandler objects from/to multipart Mime attachments to the SOAP message.<p> Inside the SOAP message body, the reference looks l ...
  • jodd.mail.Email
    E-mail bean contains all parts of an eamil and handle attachements. @2do default values ? @2do more attachements handlers
  • org.apache.soap.messaging.Message
    A <code>Message</code> is the class whose instances represent one-way messages in SOAP. While messages are one-way, they are sometimes carried on two-way transports such as HTTP. To accomodate that, the API supported here has a "receive" method as well - that is only applicable if the ...
  • org.apache.cocoon.mail.MailMessageSender
    A helper class used by the {@link org.apache.cocoon.acting.Sendmail} and the <code>sendmail.xsl</code> logicsheet for sending an email message. <h3>Configuration</h3> <table><tbody> <tr><th>smtp-host</th><td>SMTP server to use sending ma ...
  • org.apache.axis2.attachments.PartOnFile
    @author <a HREF=""> Thilina Gunarathne </a>
  • org.apache.james.transport.mailets.NotifySender
    <P>Sends a notification message to the sender of a message.</P> <P>A sender of the notification message can optionally be specified. If one is not specified, the postmaster's address will be used.<BR> The "To:" header of the notification message can be set to "unaltered"; i ...
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