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  • org.apache.james.nntpserver.repository.NNTPArticleImpl
    Please see NNTPArticle for comments The file that stores the article data The newsgroup containing this article. The sole constructor for this class. @param group the news group containing this article @param f the file that stores the article data @see org.apache.james.nntpserver.reposit ...
  • org.apache.james.imapserver.FileMailbox
    Object representing an IMAP4rev1 mailbox (folder) on a local file system. The mailbox contains messages, message attributes and an access control list. <p> from Interface Mailbox <p>Mailbox Related Flags (rfc2060 name attributes) <br> \Noinferiors It is not possible for an ...
  • org.apache.axis.attachments.MultiPartRelatedInputStream
    This simulates the multipart stream. @author Rick Rineholt
  • org.apache.james.imapserver.CommandFetch
    Implements the IMAP FETCH command for a given ImapRequestImpl. References: rfc 2060, rfc 2193, rfc 2221 @version 0.2 on 04 Aug 2002
  • org.apache.james.core.MailHeaders
    This interface defines a container for mail headers. Each header must use MIME format: <pre>name: value</pre>.
  • org.apache.james.fetchmail.MessageProcessor
    <p>Class <code>MessageProcessor</code> handles the delivery of <code>MimeMessages</code> to the James input spool.</p> <p>Messages written to the input spool always have the following Mail Attributes set:</p> <dl> <dt>org.apache.james.fe ...
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