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  • dom.DTest
    This class tests methods for XML DOM implementation version 2.0 10/12/98 DOMException errors are tested by calls to DOMExceptionsTest from: Main, docBuilder... @author Philip W. Davis
  • org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.dom.generic.NodeCreateGenerator
    Class used create DOM nodes. This maybe extended by a class needing to create nodes in a different. This is called by the document builder. The code to generate adds is also in here, as added certain type of data to the DOM is not specified in level 2.
  • org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.dom.generic.DOMBuilderGenerator
    FIXME: this code is still too ugly Class to generate code to build the document tree using only the W3C DOM interface. The document building code is generated in several functions to avoid the JVM limit on maximum method size. Since it is not possible to determine the amount of bytecode generate ...
  • org.enhydra.apache.xml.serialize.BaseMarkupSerializer
    Base class for a serializer supporting both DOM and SAX pretty serializing of XML/HTML/XHTML documents. Derives classes perform the method-specific serializing, this class provides the common serializing mechanisms. <p> The serializer must be initialized with the proper writer and output for ...
  • com.caucho.xml.QNotation
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