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  • dom.DTest
    This class tests methods for XML DOM implementation version 2.0 10/12/98 DOMException errors are tested by calls to DOMExceptionsTest from: Main, docBuilder... @author Philip W. Davis
  • org.enhydra.xml.dom.DOMTraversal
    Class that traverse a DOM tree or subtree, calling handler methods for each node. It is up to the handler methods to make a decision on processing child and element nodes by explictly calling the methods to continue the traversal. This is gives the handler more control and actually kept the code ...
    @deprecated Since the introduction of the DTM, this class will be removed. This class provides a front-end to DOM implementations, providing a number of utility functions that either aren't yet standardized by the DOM spec or that are defined in optional DOM modules and hence may not be present in ...
  • org.apache.xerces.dom.EntityImpl
    Entity nodes hold the reference data for an XML Entity -- either parsed or unparsed. The nodeName (inherited from Node) will contain the name (if any) of the Entity. Its data will be contained in the Entity's children, in exactly the structure which an EntityReference to this name will present wit ...
  • com.caucho.xml.QEntity
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