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    Original helper.
    Wrapper class that holds the attributes of an element, its children, and any text within it. It then takes care of configuring that element at runtime.
  • org.enhydra.apache.xerces.framework.XMLAttrList
    An instance of this class is used to represent the set of attributes for an element that are either directly specified or provided through a default value in the grammar for the document. XMLAttrList carries the attributes associated with an element from the scanner up to the application level ( ...
  • org.apache.xml.serialize.TextSerializer
    Implements a text serializer supporting both DOM and SAX serializing. For usage instructions see {@link Serializer}. <p> If an output stream is used, the encoding is taken from the output format (defaults to <tt>UTF-8</tt>). If a writer is used, make sure the writer uses the same ...
  • net.sf.saxon.aelfred.DefaultHandler
    $Id:,v 1.9 2000/02/28 04:43:05 mojo Exp $ This class extends the SAX base handler class to support the SAX2 Lexical and Declaration handlers. All the handler methods do is return; except that the SAX base class handles fatal errors by throwing an exception. @author David Brow ...
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