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  • org.apache.commons.betwixt.XMLIntrospector
    <p><code>XMLIntrospector</code> an introspector of beans to create a XMLBeanInfo instance.</p> <p>By default, <code>XMLBeanInfo</code> caching is switched on. This means that the first time that a request is made for a <code>XMLBeanInfo</code> ...
  • org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.manager.MBeanInfoBuilder
    An MBeanInfoBuilder is responsible for building Management Topic objects from Configuration objects. The format for Configuration object is specified in the MxInfo specification. The information is loaded into the Target structure. @author <a HREF="mailto:peter at">Peter Donald& ...
  • test.javabean.SimpleI18NBeanBeanInfo
    BeanInfo class for SimpleI18NBean. Note: The java beans specification does NOT state that a property mutator can NOT exist with out an associated property accessor. Furthermore the implmentation of the sun bdk will look for property mutators by them self. The criteria for determining properties/ac ...
  • org.apache.commons.betwixt.digester.TestXMLIntrospectorHelper
    Test harness for the XMLIntrospectorHelper @author <a HREF="">Calvin Yu</a> @version $Revision: 1.8 $
  • freemarker.ext.beans.BeansWrapper
    Utility class that provides generic services to reflection classes. It handles all polymorphism issues in the {@link #wrap(Object)} and {@link #unwrap(TemplateModel)} methods. @author Attila Szegedi @version $Id:,v 1.91 2005/06/13 21:34:47 szegedia Exp $
  • org.apache.bsf.engines.activescript.JavaBean
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